Integrated AV



By adopting the most advanced H. 265 encoding and decoding technology and digital audio processing technology, DSPPA new generation 4K HD video conference system has excellent dual-stream capacity, good network adaptability and security. Through a variety of expanding interfaces, the system can be compatible with other standard mainstream equipment. It has function of one key enter and one key exit meeting. The user can conduct video monitoring, venue browsing, conference status viewing and other functions through the WEB interface. The system can be widely used in various applications, such as executive meeting, enterprise training and telemedicine, etc.


DSPPA HD record system can meet the complete campus video teaching application, four high-definition cloud cameras have been sued in the standard class, through 1080p image recognition technology to the trace the people in the teaching scene, realize automatic classroom recording and live under the normality. At the same time, the system is equipped with an online directing system, which can meet manual shooting requirement under the fine scenes. The DSPPA video system is also equipped with a visual touch control system for the classroom, which can realize the high definition video broadcasting only with one key operation.

The DSPPA Video Broadcasting system adopts the B/S architecture to realize user access,  the teachers and students can realize the online viewing, the later video-on-demand playback and the video file download through the browser. DSPPA course video system supports the simultaneous live/on-demand operation of more than 100 users.

In this program, the teacher’s voice is collected using a wireless microphone, and the sound of the students is picked up by full-directed microphone. The wireless microphone ensures that teachers can pick up the sound, and the microphone can be used without damaging the classroom decoration. Comprehensive coverage of the standard students’ speech area in classroom, is for the users to restore the most authentic and pure classroom sound.

DSP9213 HD Camera

DSP9213 has perfect function, excellent performance, and rich interface. Advanced ISP processing technology and algorithm make the image vivid, the brightness even, the color level clear, the definition high, and the color reduction good. It supports H.265/H.264 coding. Image is clear even under low bandwidth.

DSP9220 Resource Management Software

DSPPA Educational Resources Cloud Platform to display and share the video resources through the display mode of the national Open Class platform, through the front-end recording and broadcasting classroom for the collection of educational resources, realize the resource integration application on the platform. The educational resources cloud platform is equipped with the basic management function, the micro-course application, the network teaching and research application function module, omni-directional promotion education fair development in the region.


● User rights management
● Online editing
● Teacher column
● SNS community function
● Large-scale live broadcast
● Abundant subject resources
● Mass production
● Unified management
● Network teaching and research

DSP9231 Boundary Microphone

DSP9231 The boundary microphone is most successfully mounted on existing surfaces such as tables, floors, and walls. The small and exquisite modeling makes it easy to hide. It is designed with nut collar for easy setup. In order to coordinate with engineering installation, the microphone operates at 9~52V phantom power. The microphone is complied with standard XLR connector.

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