Portable Oxygen Analyzer to check the Purity of Oxygen Concentrator

In recent times, Oxygen concentrators have become an important life saving device. However, these devices are prone to malfunctioning over time due to various reasons.

The purity of the oxygen coming from the concentrator is extremely important and should be functioning within a particular range.

To ensure proper functioning, it is better to maintain the oxygen concentrator on regular basis. Maintenance of the oxygen concentrator simply means its oxygen purity measurement.

One reliable option to check or assess the Purity of oxygen concentrators is to opt for a Portable Oxygen Analyzer.

A high quality Oxygen Analyzer or Oxygen Purity Checker checks and makes sure you are hitting the right oxygen levels.

Our Portable Oxygen Analyzer (PG-100-D) is ISI approved and is capable of analyzing Oxygen 0 – 100 % V/V with 0.1% resolution.

The key features of our devices are as below:

This OXYGEN ANALYZER is super accurate and easy to use. This device will help to analyze and confirm oxygen concentration (O2). This product is the best way to check the reliable operation of any oxygen system. The Analyzer comes with a test calibration certificate and reference calibration gas certificate.

Are Safety Systems needed at Malls too??? What do you think?

Thinking of safety, what exactly comes to our minds first are CCTVs, Security checks at the entrance or Firefighting equipment. While these 3 are the main soldiers safeguarding us from publicly known hazards – Thefts, Terror attacks or Fire outbreaks.

But considering the giant arcade and multiple other facilities available at the malls, it is more important to understand and mitigate the hidden risks involved at these one-stop refreshment centers.

Most of the malls today are equipped with underground parking areas, food courts, & battery rooms that support the electronic and automation systems running inside the mall.

Let’s take a look to the risks associated with these areas-

Food Courts

LPG or PNG leaks are one of the highest risks associated with Mall kitchens. To avoid such fatal situation, it is mandatory to install LPG gas leak detectors in respective restaurant’s kitchen.

Ambetronics flame-proof detectors are designed to signal a warning before the gas density in the air reaches dangerous levels.

Underground Parking Areas

The burning of vehicular fuel emits gases like Carbon Monoxide (CO) and oxides of Nitrogen (NO/NO2) from the car exhausts.

The increased concentration of these gases can cause headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, wheezing, coughing, colds, flu,
bronchitis, convulsions, unconsciousness, respiratory arrest, and even death.

Ambetronics resolves this issue by offering high quality and precise gas detection solutions to monitor levels of CO & NO 2 . The standard
4-20 mA output of these gas detectors is configured with gas monitors whose relay output can be used to operate exhaust fans and thereby ventilate the car parks ensuring controlled and safe atmosphere.

Battery Rooms

With so many electric equipment, computerization, and automation systems in place, it is obvious that the malls are home to large-scale battery rooms.

These lead-acid batteries emit Hydrogen gas while charging and discharging. Hydrogen when reaches a concentration range of 4.1% to 75% LEL is highly flammable in presence of oxygen and can even cause
severe skin burns and eye issues to the workers coming in contact with it.

The best way to solve this is by installing Ambetronics hydrogen gas detector that will activate the fan only if the concentration reaches 1% and also raise an alarm when the concentration reaches to 4%

To summarize the above, when it comes to malls and safety, an age-old saying always pops up in our mind, “prevention is better than cure”. Hence installing gas detectors is a must-have for today’s malls to ensure that their consumers feel welcomed and safe at the mall and get an enjoyable experience.